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Congratulations to Society Member Nora Gelperin!

Congratulations to Society Member Nora Gelperin!

This year's Mary Lee Tatum Award has been presented to Society Member Nora Gelperin. The Mary Lee Tatum Award is given annually by the Association of Planned Parenthood Leaders in Education (APPLE) to the person who most embodies the qualities of an ideal sexuality educator.

Some of the past recipients include Peggy Brick, Joycelyn Elders, Michael Carrera, Pam Wilson, Bob Selverstone, Maggi Boyer, Konnie McCaffree, Deb Roffman, Wayne Pawlowski, Susie Wilson, Debra Haffner, Joan Garrity, and last year, Joan Helmich.

Please join me in congratulating Nora on this very apt, well-deserved 
recognition!  We are honored to have her as a valuable contributor to the Society.

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